Australian Institute of Management gets Nimble

Find out more about how Nexus and Nimble Storage transformed outdated IT systems, catered to a changing business and dynamic management and implemented a solid storage foundation for Australian institute of management.

Late last year we met with the Australian Institute of Management, and discussed their upcoming office move, something that we had just been through with the Museum of Contemporary Art: Australia in their $50M+ refurbishment of the iconic Circular Quay site.   Thinking back on that first meeting, it was great to talk to a company that was eager to actively look at ways to transform IT and move to new technology that would yield the business benefit but also create some efficiencies in IT process, allowing more dynamic responses to a business.  Great timing too, with the move and refit of both the premises and the IT systems, it must be said.  

This got some press in The Australian, which you can click through to from the Nimble Storage site (while the Oz get's over its pay-wall) + here's some good stuff from the case study.

Dana Teahan, Chief Information and Digital Officer at AIM, said, “In the process of assessing the well-known storage vendors, we didn’t find anything we felt was really innovative or new. Nexus suggested we meet with Nimble Storage, a company we hadn’t heard a lot about, but we were willing to give it a try, based on the strong recommendation and the fact we’re willing to take a risk to be outstanding.”

“We were quickly impressed not just with the Nimble Storage hardware and the technology behind it, but the support and services that came with the solution were unlike anything we’d ever seen from a vendor—particularly in the storage space.”

AIM is experiencing substantial business benefits since moving to the Nimble

Speaking about the storage environment Teahan said, “The Nimble units store all of our critical business data, which is continually growing. The scalability of the Nimble platform is a significant benefit we gain, and was a massive consideration in our choice. Scaling is fast and simple. We also gained 40-50 percent additional space from data compression when we moved to Nimble, so we now have plenty of space.”

“The great thing about Nimble is it was up and running straight out of the box and there’s no massive infrastructure required to go around it. We’ve reduced a full rack of storage down to just 6RU, so we’re using less than a quarter of a rack for twice the storage space. And the power savings are dramatic.”

“Because we’ve also moved many of our business applications to the public cloud, we need to be comfortable and certain in the ability to copy out that data and store it locally and securely. For example, we use Salesforce as our CRM. If Salesforce goes down, we now have reliable, available back-up and disaster recovery, and immediate access to all the current data. Our Nimble Storage solution gives us this peace of mind.”

See the case study here + stay tuned as we introduce and implement more solution to build on the success of the Nimble implementation at AIM.

Download the Case Study

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