Nexus services a wide range of companies in the commercial sector (between 200 and 1000 employees). Our expertise is sought by organisations requiring advanced knowledge and faultless delivery in the fields of Virtualization, Storage, Backup, Recovery, Networking, Security and Collaboration technologies.

Commercial organisations are traditionally poorly serviced by the IT industry. Too small to be of real interest to tier-one companies, and too big to be adequately serviced by small outfits.

Stuck in the middle, the Commercial organisation either pays too much for enterprise IT solutions, or too little and has to suffer the consequences. Enter Nexus. We are attuned to perfectly accommodate the needs of mid size organisations. We employ highly experienced and qualified senior engineers to architect solutions that are appropriate to both the requirements and budgets of Commercial enterprises. But through standardisation of certain technologies we are able to deliver tier-one solutions for much less cost.

This is not to say that we believe in one-size-fits-all. Far from it. Every solution that we design is tailored to fit the clients’ requirements precisely. We do, however, limit the number of technologies that we support. By hand-picking the best technologies, and mastering those, we are able to craft superior solutions without the exorbitant price tag.

The same philosophy extends to our support services. By investing in top engineers we are able to support our clients to a very high standard and, through efficiency, very cost-effectively.

We are proud to admit that Nexus clients report the highest possible satisfaction ratings with our solutions and services. Through continuous investment in our people and training, we commit to deliver the highest possible value to our current and future clients.

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