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Nexus supports a large number of Small and Medium Businesses (fewer than 200 employees) from a wide range of industries. We have a knowledgeable SMB support team equipped with advanced tools. Our quality and service satisfaction levels regularly top the industry.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) face a particularly difficult IT challenge: budget -- there is precious little of it. However, the need for reliable IT systems is very strong. Products must be sold. Operations must continue. Bills must be paid ...

Most SMBs just need ‘vanilla’ IT. Good, reliable systems that enable a business to perform its functions well and prosper. Unfortunately much of the IT industry seems to miss this point and proceeds to bamboozle the SMB with dizzyingly complicated and unaffordable ‘solutions’. We think this is wrong.

Since 1997, Nexus has been helping SMBs from a wide range of sectors leap out of the IT conundrum through a combination of good design, advanced tools and a legendary support team.

The road to reliable IT commences with a good plan. We work with the business to identify what systems are critical and define service levels -- the mandatory uptime required -- for each business application. We then architect commercially realistic infrastructure that will deliver the required performance. Sometimes this will be in a cloud, sometimes not. We also map out how the business can stage its investment in logical steps. We take care of all the important design considerations -- security, back-up, recoverability, manageability etc -- and explain our recommendations in plain english.

All SMBs need good support. Systems must be constantly monitored to ensure everything is functioning properly. They must be regularly patched and performance tuned to ensure on-going resilience. And if there is a problem, knowledgeable engineers must be quickly reachable.

Nexus has invested heavily in the advanced monitoring and management tools. These dramatically reduce the cost and increase the quality of remote systems support. Our Red-X systems agents constantly check the health of critical systems and alert our support engineers at the first sign of problem. We are usually able to nip a problem in the bud before the SMB is even aware of it.

While the automation of monitoring and first level diagnostics is an important part of delivering high-quality support, more important is the quality of the engineers. Nexus only employes engineers at the top of their game and then hones their skills with on-going training and certification. There are not many IT companies that have the depth and breadth of technical knowledge as Nexus.

Our rigorous standards have paid off. Independent research has verified that Nexus has a near perfect score in every aspect of customer satisfaction, which is practically unheard of in the IT industry. We are also pleased that our client’s businesses have substantially benefited from our services. Through continuous service innovation we plan to drive this benchmark even higher.

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