The Project Group

Project Communications has had a successful professional relationship with Nexus since 1999.

Our first contact with the company was in a crisis situation when our jerry-built network cobbled together by another contractor experienced major problems and took down our email and file serving functions.

Nexus not only applied the manpower to provide a solution to our immediate problems, but worked with us to plan a logical structure for future network upgrades. We have had a strong association ever since.

We value their advice. Their well presented logical recommendations have saved us from our own ill-considered capital expenditure, while at the same time they have worked with us to “stage” our network upgrades and expansion to match our budget.

Several Nexus personnel have worked with us over time, but it has always been my experience that knowledge of our network is a shared resource within their organisation – we never have to “break in” a new technician.

As is commercially prudent, we have shopped their skill-set and their scale of fees, but on both scores have found Nexus to be more than competitive with the market.

To summarise, Nexus gives good service, good advice and has taken the time to understand our business.

I would be happy to recommend their services to anyone looking to outsource IT support.

Sean Moylan
Chief of Staff
The Project Group

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