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Our Technology Partners provide the ‘DNA’ for our Solutions. Our partner portfolio is the end result of tireless research, decades of experience and endless training. By the time a technology is selected for a Nexus Solution, our clients are assured that it is best-of-breed, commercially sensible, properly supported and has a sound roadmap for the future.

In selecting a Partner, we weigh up several factors: is their technology at the head of the development curve, is the vendor in good financial shape, is their technology open and extensible, is good technical support available in the region, are spares readily available, is the vendor relationship-focused? All critical considerations for maximising client-side Return on Investment.

Nexus has every layer of IT covered, from the network provider to the applications and everything in between. Comprehensiveness is particularly important for our smaller and mid-size clients who need a single IT provider and can't afford mistakes.

Partnership formation and maintenance is expensive and time consuming work, but it pays off. Our strong technology portfolio is to our client’s strategic advantage. Our solutions are more powerful, more resilient, more agile, more future-proof and deliver superior value for money.

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