Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the opening of their new datacentres in Sydney in late 2012, has become a real option with some great benefits for a variety of use cases.

The flexibility that AWS offers - you pay for precisely what you use and therefore do not have to scale out based on predictions of future usage - is the key benefit, as well as the obvious factors of not needing to own the infrastructure - including office space, power, cooling systems etc.

Nexus is assisting clients with AWS in several key ways:

  1. Managed Services - AWS provides a great template to implement your systems and applications, but there is no scope for them to do the necessary patching, monitoring and maintenance that is Nexus core business.  We have updated our Red-X management agents to provide these services in the AWS cloud.
  2. Design / Audit - for client using either Nexus or their own AWS account, we can help design the solution, or audit client designed solutions, to make sure that the right mix of AWS product is being used in the most efficient and secure way.   The breath of the AWS offering, as well as some key differences between traditional IT and the AWS best practice, allow for less than ideal configurations, both technical and commercial.
  3. Back-up as a service - Nexus is using some of the AWS offering, as well as our own infrastructure, to offer a Back-as a Service offering that scales as you require more cloud storage, allows some Nexus service assisted recovery services and is compatible with your existing back-up software and data protection plans.

Get in touch if we can help advise on how best to use AWS services, to tune your own configurations and accounts, for Managed Services support for your current or intended cloud systems or to discuss how Nexus Assisted Back-up to cloud on AWS can help improve your DR.

Give us a call if you need some help with the AWS business case, configurations, for managed services to support your AWS apps or platform or to discuss how Nexus AWS Back-up platform can enhance your DR.

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