APC, now owned by Schnieder Electric, has been Nexus's primary provider of data centre and server room UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and Cooling products for over 13 years.  We have chosen APC based on the best presales support, where APC and their distributor presales engineers are able to exactly match our technical requirements with a solution, excellent product and frequent updates.

Power and cooling management are not ‘set and forget’ propositions; we include management options so that if there is an issue with the equipment Nexus is alerted through the Nexus management system.  With the very hot summers and frequent localised power surges and dips, UPS and excellent cooling are indispensable to ensure valuable systems equipment and configurations, as well as data, are protected.  Nexus has been able to proactively identify localised power surges, and work with the client’s electrician and Energy Australia (and other providers) to take steps to smooth power fluctuations that would otherwise affect production, hardware warranties and client uptime.

APC also manages environmental disposal of old batteries as part of their replacement program, which is in line with Nexus's environmental values.

Nexus is an APC Partner

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