EMC is, in our view, one of the two major powerhouses of world storage, the other being NetApp. To leverage the many and obvious benefits of server and application virtualisation – lower capital costs, lower operational costs, better performance, massively higher resilience and a lower carbon footprint (and what’s not to like about that list?) – it is imperative that excellent storage is in place.

Why Nexus originally chose EMC from the candidates for our lead storage partner was about both technology and business.  The technology leadership is pretty clear, with leadership on performance, breadth of capability and product around the lifecycle of information. The more important reason is that EMC has a commitment to Australia with 700+ employees, including over 100 in the customer facing part of the business, which means that technical experts can support, design, repair or consult on solutions, while business folk can make the price competitive, even against less capable solutions.

The core products that Nexus uses in our solutions include EMC’s Unified Storage and Backup and Recovery technologies.

Nexus is a long time EMC partner, with amongst the highest level of expertise and certification in the region.

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