Exinda is a niche Australia brand in the WAN Management and Optimisation space that distinguishes itself in two major ways: it is simple; and it has amazing reports.

More mainstream and expensive solutions may have better Gartner reports and may win a straight speed bake-off, however with ease-of-use being a key factor for busy IT managers the advantage of being able to plug into a simple web interface and very quickly prioritise certain traffic means that IT can deliver a very direct and noticeable result for users. As with other WAN optimisation and management products, the ROI is impressive. Managing the WAN, reporting on traffic and shaping it to give priority to important applications improves service while saving OPEX.

Exinda is a genuine contender in the WAN management space and is probably the most popular Nexus WAN management solution in the commercial sector.

Update: the new country manager came in to Nexus to discuss Exinda with us Oct ’11.  The Edge Cache feature saves Gb, from both ISP fees and to speed other users requirements; in our opinion this makes Exinda a superior one box bandwidth optimisation solution, when taken with the QoS and reporting functionality.

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