Microsoft – for all its often undeserved bad publicity – is the engine room of IT in the Enterprise and Commercial markets.  90% of our desktops and server systems run its operating software and most of our supported users rely on the Office range for doing all their day-to-day tasks.

Nexus is Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and expert at implementing and managing MS solutions including:

  • Windows Server
  • Exchange Server
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  • Windows OS
  • Office
  • System Centre Management

The important factors in deploying Microsoft products are:

Correct configuration of the systems; because MS products work by and large “out of the box” they are often left in a default configuration.  However, one size never fits all and the chances that the default configurations are suitable for any business are remote.  Expert implementation configures the plethora of features to deliver specific customer benefits.

Security; where MS products are used to enable identity management and access to systems and data – which is in 90% of networks – this creates a big target with many evildoers looking to find glitches, bugs and security holes to exploit for profit or malicious ends.   Nexus employs a defense-in-depth approach to compliment the correct configuration of the MS systems with 3rd party hardware and software – think Symantec, EMC, NetScreen, Watchguard and others – to protect systems integrity and uptime.

Optimisation; MS builds its products for ease of use and ease of access, which sometimes means that the network protocols are more chatty than is ideal, a situation that is exacerbated on a WAN.  As well as tightening the configuration in a deployment implementation, Nexus also enhance the MS experience with network optimisation on the LAN and WAN.

Back-up and DR; While there are some very clever layers including VSS, MS does not protect itself in terms of back-up and DR.  A critical part of proper implementation is excellent back-up and imaging of systems to make sure that the right data can be recovered in an acceptable amount of time.

As at this time, July 2011, we very much look forward to MS’s next move on the virtualisation front.  When Hyper-V is able to do real-time live migration without user impact for complete server virtualisation, it becomes a valid competitor to VMware,  which will change the nature of the virtualisation environment.

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