Professional Services

Nexus can provide a pool of engineering resources that you can dip into as and when you need, without blowing budget. Nexus Professional Services Agreements (NPSA) enable you to right-size your IT department without sacrificing access to specialist knowledge. Organisations with NPSA operate leanly, effectively and profitably.

NPSA operates in the following manner:

  1. An agreement is issued for a pre-purchased value and is valid for up to 12 months.
  2. A discount is applied across the entire Nexus Rate Card -- from Support Engineer up to Principal Consultant -- with the discount increasing in proportion to the value of agreement.
  3. The client accesses Nexus resources as needed. Remaining Value is reduced according to the time spent and resource used.
  4. Each month a report is generated showing how much value remains. An early warning is also sent when the agreement reaches a set threshold.
  5. A new agreement is re-issued as required.

Benefits of NPSA

  • Retain firm control of budget -- there is no chance of overrun
  • Have regular access to resources whenever you need them, without having to generate purchase orders
  • Obtain a substantial fee discount
  • Obtain priority service

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