Data Storage

Good storage architecture is critical for effectual IT.
It pays to work with technologists who understand Storage intimately.

Data Storage

In a world of exponential data growth the degree of how well data is stored and managed can make a massive difference to a company's comparative advantage. The organisation that can tier data efficiently, backup more regularly, de-duplicate and replicate data off-site more effectively, and recover data more efficiently will outperform its competitors, all other things being equal. They will be able to work faster,  access repositories of information more easily, undo human mistakes, and be resilient to a myriad of technical and malicious vulnerabilities.

Good storage architecture is therefore critical for effectual IT. Due to the rapidly changing Storage landscape, it pays to work with technologists who understand Storage intimately: people who can provide sound advice about which storage technologies best suit your requirements, and engineers with the skills to properly deploy advanced systems.

The recent advancements of Unified Storage technologies and data management software is bringing powerful storage architectures into the reach of mid and smaller enterprises. With good design and implementation, today’s Data Storage systems will deliver greater organisational productivity, agility and resilience.

Key Partners: EMC, NetApp, HP, IBM, Nimble Storage

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