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  • Why it’s no surprise that Nimble Storage has a Net Promoter Score of 85

    Why it’s no surprise that Nimble Storage has a Net Promoter Score of 85 In the Dark Ages of storage, we tended to focus on the brand with the biggest market presence, the brand that could be dubbed: “Everything Made Complicated”.  It worked – we made it work – but installation and maintenance were troublesome, upgrades were price-prohibitive and the sales process was reminiscent of 16th century piracy, complete with the swearing and cries for mercy from innocent victims. At this stage, SAN was deeply entrenched as a smart and practical choice for Australian mid-sized firms looking for the cost-effective IT flexibility offered by virtualisation and storage consolidation.   We moved to Nimble Storage at the end of 2012, when it was first available in Australia, in order to solve a specific customer’s performance issue, on the advice of our then lead engineer.  With some magic timing, we supplied the first pair of storage devices Nimble sold in Australia, to the Aus ...

    Tuesday, 21 March 2017
  • The Increasing Importance of Local Networking in a Cloud Centric World

    There are many good reasons why most Australian businesses are moving at least some of their IT infrastructure into the cloud, such as improved application performance, better security and lower costs.  However, we must also consider what happens to those IT assets that are left behind, when all the others have been moved to the cloud. What assets should remain? Which solutions should we select and why? At Nexus IT, we specialise in supporting Non-For-Profit organisations, such as registered clubs, museums, schools and others whose budgets are not “enterprise” but still need a solid IT infrastructure. This blog will answer many of the questions that are being asked by organisations such as these.  So what is left, once you have moved to the cloud? The essential physical IT assets required after cloud migration are security and the local wired and wireless networking.   Our challenge is to find the best strategy to provision these IT assets so they cater to a multi-d ...

    Monday, 21 November 2016
  • Nexus IT helps clients into NSW GovDC

    Where we have been staying close the GovDC requirements for our NSW Govt clients, it is unsurprising that we have started doing work in that space given the August 2017 deadline for some agencies to move infrastructure, systems or capability into that space. Over the past decade we have done some of our best work for various NSW government aligned organisations, including government departments but more often some of the larger galleries and museums* as well as other not-for-profit organisations including education organisations and some charities.   This has given rise to a mature service model, delivered by consultants and engineers based in Sydney, with over a decade of experience serving the specific requirements of this customer set.  More recently a goodly proportion of this work has included moving these customers to the Microsoft Azure platform and Office 365, which has its own NSW Govt related considerations. It has emerged that GovDC is an important central servic ...

    Friday, 21 October 2016
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World Vision Case Study

World Vision Case Study

World Vision Implements Veeam to Enable Humanitarian Endeavours

World Vision struggled with poorly performing legacy backup tools that could potentially hinder their ability to provide critical services to people in need.

With 46,000 staff across 105 countries, the organisation needed a predictable, fast, affordable and scalable solution for data backup and replication. 

Find out how World Vision decreased backup times by 63% and restore times by 95%, so they can now provide 24x7x365 access to applications and data, giving their staff access to everything they need, whenever they need it.

Click here to read the case study.

Blacktown Workers Club Group Case Study

Blacktown Workers Case Study

The Blacktown Workers Club Group (BWC) is a great example of a rapidly changing organisation that has managed to create a secure environment, despite its complex IT needs. It is a not-for-profit, registered club. It has over 50,000 members and 300 staff across three locations. As well as its office applications, all of its cash registers, and gaming machines are connected to the network.

Click here to read our case study which outlines how it has overcome its IT security challenges

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