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  • current projects

    hey  we havent blogged for a while - been busy on projects and in particular some consulting (as well as some travel), but here's a quick round-up of the current projects that we have on the books: - Microsoft StorSimple project for a major cultural/science institution, replacing HDS, and taking advantage of some clever archiving to Azure.  This project also includes a new RDS environment, Window 2012 Hyper-V improvements and moving a huge file system. - New Nimble SAN and other core systems for a property management company - Business and technical consulting for a leading advertising agency - Completing a major co-lo upgrade, including an EMC Extreme IO SAN, Fujitsu Servers and other core vendors for a travel and hospitality group - Engagement around managed service, making IT management easier and improving reporting and transparency for a large school We look forward to some new announcements and getting back on board with some more general comments on the Australi ...

    Tuesday, 21 July 2015
  • Quick thoughts week 2 August 2014

    I sort of promised myself more frequent updates on the cool plans and outstanding outcomes that the team here is generating, in the Nexus-bloggy-thing, but we have got caught up in that wonderful loop where doing things is more important than writing about them.   For anyone interested, here are some thoughts: Best new vendor - Splunk.   Splunk is a terrible name for a call it of software, which 'listens' to your devices, by ingesting log files and other data streams, and then allows some amazing dashboard-y goodness, with an almost-simple query language generating some great visualisations.  I know that's not a great explanation - Splunk is one of those tools whose use case can vary wildly from IT operations, analytic, sharing data visually, compliance, reporting ... the list is too long.  Watch this space as we do some clever stuff with existing clients and publish some case studies on that in upcoming months. Interesting Vendor - Pernix Data - Puts flash to w ...

    Monday, 18 August 2014
  • Cloud Hosting Decisions - when the market leaders are not the best choice

    This article reminded me of many of the conversations that we have been having recently, amongst the confusion that the changes in the available solution set cloud has created. I often find the conversation about 'cloud' circular and murky with the confusion of IT outcomes, commercial agreements and marketing blather making sense a rare commodity.   There is nothing new there.  IT vendors and the channel are happy to promote and chase 'the next big thing' in an effort to make market and hit budgets; and they are so good that sometimes the buyers get caught up in the hype, at the expense of meeting core business objectives. However, we are amused that the boutique Nexus cloud offering, where we run quite bespoke managed services and infrastructure for clients, has better uptime that the three biggest and most advanced commercial cloud providers.   Sounds amazing?  Not really - the largest Cloud providers have had some major set-backs, days long outages and incredib ...

    Monday, 07 July 2014
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Blacktown Workers Club Group Case Study

Blacktown Workers Case Study

The Blacktown Workers Club Group (BWC) is a great example of a rapidly changing organisation that has managed to create a secure environment, despite its complex IT needs. It is a not-for-profit, registered club. It has over 50,000 members and 300 staff across three locations. As well as its office applications, all of its cash registers, and gaming machines are connected to the network.

Click here to read our case study which outlines how it has overcome its IT security challenges

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