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  • Cloud Hosting Decisions - when the market leaders are not the best choice

    This article reminded me of many of the conversations that we have been having recently, amongst the confusion that the changes in the available solution set cloud has created. I often find the conversation about 'cloud' circular and murky with the confusion of IT outcomes, commercial agreements and marketing blather making sense a rare commodity.   There is nothing new there.  IT vendors and the channel are happy to promote and chase 'the next big thing' in an effort to make market and hit budgets; and they are so good that sometimes the buyers get caught up in the hype, at the expense of meeting core business objectives. However, we are amused that the boutique Nexus cloud offering, where we run quite bespoke managed services and infrastructure for clients, has better uptime that the three biggest and most advanced commercial cloud providers.   Sounds amazing?  Not really - the largest Cloud providers have had some major set-backs, days long outages and incredib ...

    Monday, 07 July 2014
  • Metadata can be the key data

    As the digital publishing team at Nexus know, the metadata on a file is more useful that the content when it comes to automation.   This article on metadata use discusses something that looks to be a paradox; at a meta level, the content of communication is much less useful than the information about when and with whom the communication was. "... because it appears that what we actually say to each other really isn't important. It's who we are saying it to and when that matters. Communications metadata is not a poor proxy for content. It's actually far more important than content. Pentland makes the point that such knowledge offers real power, which is why privacy is so important. Understanding the interconnectivity of human relationships inevitably reveals the focal points of the network being studied. Those focal points can then be manipulated, through targeted advertising or other means, in order to influence the behaviour of the group. Not many peop ...

    Monday, 07 July 2014
  • Field Alert: Security Updates for Xinet and Xinet Portal

    North Plains have released security patches in response to recent widely publicised vulnerabilities in applications services across the World Wide Web. Please refer to their channel announcement, excerpted below:   With all the attention given to software security recently (Heartbleed and the Internet Explorer bug), additional security audits were run.  Potential vulnerabilities in Xinet software were identified, all of which have been addressed in the patches.    Proper administration of Xinet-based server systems and attached network environments lowers the risk of exposure greatly. However, ensuring that Xinet software is coded securely is also necessary.   Security hardening is a very high priority for North Plains product development. North Plains leverages the industry-leading Veracode scanning service to help ensure as many potential issues are flagged and fixed as possible, but given the shifting landscape, this is an ongoing effort.     ...

    Tuesday, 13 May 2014
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Perfect Sydney Office for Start Up

We have some great office space available in one of the funkiest parts of Sydney. Not only that, but we can fully service it with IT: fibre, dedicated firewall, server infrastructure, support, reception ... We even have some furniture.



  • 213 Square Metres
  • Separate male and female amenities and kitchenette and completely air conditioned throughout.
  • Newly data cabled with options for hosted I.T services, internet inclusions and phone system and some furniture by negotiation.
  • Sublease until November 2015 or new direct lease.
  • Available immediately for your occupation.


If you are looking for short or medium term office space to house your Australian office, your search is over.

More Info here 

Contact Emma: Emma (at)

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