Nimble Storage

Nexus is amongst the first partners in Australia to sign up to Nimble Storage.  This relationship extends our comprehensive focus on storage solutions and expertise.  Nimble Storage sites along side NetApp and EMC as storage infrastructure offerings.

Nexus chose Nimble because, aside from an impressive pedigree in terms of growth and staffing, they offer innovation in storage, having created a hybrid Flash and Disk array by re-architecting storage from the ground up.

Nimble Storage’s Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) takes a different angle on optimising the exceptional performance of flash disk with the lower cost and higher capacities of SATA hard disks, coupled with multicore CPU’s. Without being too technical about this, the magic is to leverage modern CPU and RAM in the storage processors as well as flash cache to transform random writes into sequential writes, which allows accelerated performance.  Add to this great compression and you get amazing storage efficiencies, especially as applied to industry standard applications like Microsoft Exchange or SQL, and for VDI infrastructure, which can stress performance at the storage layer. The hybrid approach provides a blend of both performance and capacity.

What is also very attractive for our customers is the simplicity to software bundles, where all software for management, replication and snapshots in included in the price.  This simplicity also prevails in the tight line-up, non-disruptive upgrades, VMware integration and installation requirements.

A key item for IT DR is the ability to have 10,000 of snapshots, not just 100’s, which can be replicated between Nimble Storage Systems while still be able to do all the expected DR testing on booting from these images.

This is achieved by Nimble Storage’s Scale-to-Fit methodology.

  • Scale Up - Increase CPU and Cache
  • Scale Deep - Increase Capacity
  • Scale Out - Adding Additional Systems and shelves.

Finally, all the expected boxes are ticked, with smart support 24 x 7, easy scaling options and simple maintenance.

Next Steps.

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